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Developed using Flutter and Laravel, aims to alleviate the stress of solo travel by connecting like-minded individuals. Users can find travel buddies, plan activities, and meet others with similar budgets and interests. The app facilitates connections with hosts and locals, fostering cultural experiences and community building.    

Traveling is a wonderful part of life, and the internet has made it so much easier to plan and explore new places. Travel apps have made a big difference by making travel more personal and improving the overall experience. Our client wanted to make a great travel app using the newest technology, and the main goal is to help tourists connect and find people who love to travel just like them.


An emerging online electronics retailer collaborated with our web development team led to the successful launch of a feature-rich e-commerce platform. The use of cutting-edge technologies such as Magento, React.js, Node.js, and MongoDB ensure scalability, a user-friendly interface, and efficient inventory management. The website’s responsive design across various devices contributed to increased sales, enhanced customer satisfaction, and positive feedback.

A new online electronics store approached our web development team for a robust e-commerce website. They wanted a site to showcase their tech products and ensure a user-friendly and secure shopping experience.


A fitness startup, partnered with our development team to create a comprehensive fitness app for both iOS and Android users. The app boasts features like personalized workout plans, nutrition tracking, and a social community, leading to a successful launch with positive reviews for its user-friendly interfaceThe Fitness app proves that using React Native and other technologies effectively creates a modern and complete wellness solution. It keeps users engaged, works smoothly on different devices, can easily grow and add new features.

Each step, each workout, and each healthy choice you make contributes to your well-being. So, lace up those sneakers, roll out the mat, or hit the trail – your fitness journey awaits, and the benefits are far-reaching. Our clients wanted fun features in the app, such as tracking workouts live, and having a social place to chat with others.

Hybrid fitness app


Aimed to optimize content recommendation, student performance prediction, and teacher feedback generation. Our approach involved a comprehensive MLOps maturity assessment, a tailored strategy for scalability and efficiency, the implementation of advanced tools, and empowering the client’s ML team through training. The impactful intervention resulted in a significant transformation, leading to the development of more accurate and reliable ML models, ultimately enhancing their online education services.

Codelulu joined forces with a big online education company to show how good we are at making things better with machine learning. The client knew they needed improvement, and we aimed to make their work smoother, especially in suggesting content, predicting how students would do, and giving feedback to teachers. The ultimate aim was to enhance the experience for users and overall efficiency.


A major healthcare provider in the US faced a growing issue of fake claims impacting their finances and reputation. In urgent need of a solution to maintain trust and protect patients, they collaborated with Codelulu. Due to Codelulu’s smart approach, the healthcare provider could quickly identify and prevent fake claims, protecting their resources and maintaining the reliability of their services.

Our important client, a big healthcare provider in the US, had a big problem. They were dealing with a lot more fake claims, which not only cost them money but also put their good reputation at risk. Because healthcare is under scrutiny and people need to trust them, they need a clever solution to stop dishonest practices and protect their patients’ well-being.

AI healthcare fraud detection

DocInsight AI: Question Answering for Large Document Insights

DocInsight AI, developed by CodeLulu, simplifies document analysis for professionals and businesses in data-rich environments. Its primary goal is to streamline decision-making and save time by efficiently extracting essential information from large documents. Using advanced language models like LLM Models and tools such as Langchain, DocInsight AI overcomes challenges posed by traditional document handling methods. Through its prompt system, users can ask specific questions, enabling personalized document analysis akin to having a smart assistant. Key features include easy document reading and customizable question prompts. The tool’s impact is evident in improved document handling efficiency, better decision support, and adaptability across various industries. CodeLulu is committed to continuous improvement, ensuring DocInsight AI remains user-friendly, reliable, and beneficial for professionals and businesses navigating document management complexities in today’s fast-paced world.

SmartShop Chatbot: ML-Driven Product Recommendations

SmartShop Chatbot, developed by Codelulu, is revolutionizing online shopping with personalized recommendations tailored to each user’s preferences. Its goal is to enhance the shopping experience, boost sales, and foster customer loyalty. Despite challenges in data integration and understanding natural language, SmartShop excels in merging user data and providing a seamless chat experience. Through rigorous data collection, machine learning model selection, and natural language processing, SmartShop ensures effortless integration with online stores, delivering consistent recommendations across platforms. Key features include personalized recommendations, advanced natural language understanding, and multi-device accessibility. SmartShop’s impact includes happier customers and increased sales. Codelulu is committed to continuous improvement, prioritizing user satisfaction and privacy for both customers and businesses.

ML chat-bot
Cardio health detect by AI

CardioHealth AI: Predictive Analytics for Heart Disease Risk Assessment

CardioHealth AI, developed by Codelulu, transforms heart care by employing advanced predictive algorithms to analyze diverse health data. It offers early warnings and personalized recommendations to prevent heart problems, aiming to improve overall health and support doctors in delivering customized care with high predictive accuracy. Overcoming challenges of data complexity and mathematical intricacies, CardioHealth AI seamlessly integrates into medical practices. Developed through extensive data analysis and utilizing tools like Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, and Pandas, it excels in data understanding, risk prediction, and aiding healthcare professionals in early detection and personalized intervention. The impact is significant, enabling early problem detection, tailored care, and considerable time and cost savings. Codelulu remains committed to continuous enhancement, ensuring CardioHealth AI evolves with cutting-edge technology, shaping a future where proactive, personalized heart care is accessible to everyone.

Automated Chatbot for Image Upload and Sales Inquiry

Codelulu’s automated chatbot for an online sales company epitomizes cutting-edge technology, aimed at revolutionizing customer interactions. By seamlessly engaging with customers and facilitating image uploads on the website, this system not only saves time but also ensures a seamless and efficient experience. Harnessing advanced language models, such as OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, the chatbot adeptly comprehends diverse customer inquiries, enhancing accuracy and responsiveness. Engineered with scalability and security in mind, it efficiently handles high volumes of traffic while safeguarding customer data through robust encryption and protection measures. Committed to continuous improvement, Codelulu’s development team proactively monitors and updates the system to meet evolving customer needs, fostering trust, and driving business growth.

Automated Chatbot