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travel app

Developed using Flutter and Laravel, aims to alleviate the stress of solo travel by connecting like-minded individuals. Users can find travel buddies, plan activities, and meet others with similar budgets and interests. The app facilitates connections with hosts and locals, fostering cultural experiences and community building.    

Traveling is a wonderful part of life, and the internet has made it so much easier to plan and explore new places. Travel apps have made a big difference by making travel more personal and improving the overall experience. Our client wanted to make a great travel app using the newest technology, and the main goal is to help tourists connect and find people who love to travel just like them.


The main aim was to make solo travel less stressful by connecting people who like the same things. This app not only helps users find buddies for activities but also lets them meet someone with a similar budget and shared interests for a trip together. Plus, users can connect with hosts and locals to share cultural experiences and help build better communities.


We made a cool travel app using Flutter and Laravel that works on iPhones and Androids. It’s for all kinds of travelers who want to meet new people on their trips or find travel buddies. The app helps users find people who like the same things, invite them to join trips, and connect with locals or others going to the same places.

Key Features

  • Travel Calendar: Stay organized by recording details of planned meetings, including location, date, and the person from the app.
  • Search Menu: Users can choose from options like finding a travel partner, meeting someone, or meeting someone and being hosted. They can input travel preferences such as location and dates.
  • Profile Setup: Users can make their profiles interesting by sharing info about themselves and what kind of travel buddies they’re looking for. Stuff like budget, past trips, and photos help in making lively communities.
  • Security Features: Share travel plans made within the app with emergency contacts. The app also verifies the accuracy of user-provided information.
  • Find People to Stay With & Chat Before Meeting: Users can talk to hosts in the places they want to visit and plan to meet up by sending them messages. Destination, preferred gender for a travel companion, and travel dates can be specified.


The app garnered over 16 installs in its initial phase, as shown by Google Play and App Store data. The fact that it keeps growing in 2022 shows that more and more people are interested in using the travel app, which means people like it.

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