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DocInsight AI: Question Answering for Large Document Insights

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In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a ton of information to sort through. DocInsight AI, made by Codelulu, is like a super-smart tool that helps pull out important stuff from big documents. It’s designed to make it easier for businesses and professionals to find what they need quickly. Sometimes, it’s tough to find key info buried in long documents, but DocInsight AI makes it simpler. This handy tool is all about helping different businesses and professionals stay on top of things in our fast-moving world.


DocInsight AI’s main goal is to help professionals and businesses quickly find important stuff in big documents. The tool aims to save time and make decision-making easier by providing a simple solution for document analysis.


Normal ways of looking at documents get overwhelmed by the huge amount of info in today’s docs. Companies often have trouble finding important stuff in long reports or legal papers. This makes it hard to make decisions quickly. 

Development Approach


 Codelulu used some really smart technology to make DocInsight AI:

  •  LLM Models:

 DocInsight AI uses super-smart language models to understand and pull out important info from different types of docs. 

  • Langchain Integration: 

Codelulu made DocInsight AI even smarter by adding Langchain, a tool that helps understand complex language in docs. 

  • Prompts System:

DocInsight AI lets users ask specific questions, so it can find exactly what they need. It’s like having a smart assistant that can handle any task

Key Features

  • Easy Document Reading: DocInsight AI makes it simple to read through big docs, saving time and effort.
  • Custom Questions: Users can ask their questions, and DocInsight AI will find the answers they need.


DocInsight AI has changed how people deal with documents:

  • Efficient Document Handling: The tool helps users quickly go through big docs, boosting  productivity.
  • Better Decision Support: DocInsight AI gives important info for making smart choices, especially when time is tight.
  • Useful Everywhere: The tool’s customizable prompts make it handy for lots of different jobs.


At Codelulu, we promise to keep making DocInsight AI better for everyone who uses it. We’ll listen to what users need and keep improving the tool with new ideas and technology. Our goal is to make sure DocInsight AI stays easy to use, reliable, and helpful for professionals and businesses as they deal with lots of documents in today’s fast-paced world.