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Consulting Services

Our Awards and Rewards

 We provide top-notch DevOps management and consulting services at Codelulu. Enhance your project using top Agile methods such as CI/CD, DevSecOps, GitOps, and Kubernetes with our skilled DevOps engineers.

Our approach:

  • DevOps Strategies: Visualize desired states, define actionable roadmaps, and assess progress.
  • Implementation Excellence: Our experienced consultants accelerate implementation through research, design, automation, and deployment.
  • Pilot Framework Creation: Combine your existing software with our extensive ecosystem of open-source and licensed tools.
  • CI/CD Pipeline Services: Ensure perpetual development, continuous integration, testing, and deployment to bridge the Dev-Ops gap.
  • DevOps Consulting Methodology: A unique method covering the management of computer systems, keeping an eye on operations, making sure we have enough resources, ensuring everything is always available, handling the introduction of new features, and providing round-the-clock support for DevOps.

Why We Stand Out

Unrivaled Excellence in DevOps Consulting Services

Efficient DevOps Strategies

Efficient DevOps Strategies

Cool Visuals: We help you see your coding goals and make a plan to reach them.

Cloud Magic: Making your code work smoothly on the cloud.

Continuous Integration & Testing

Continuous Integration & Testing

Fit Together Nicely: We make sure all your code pieces fit together perfectly.
Fixing Mistakes Fast: Our team quickly finds and fixes any problems so you can keep going.

DevOps Managed Services

DevOps Managed Services

Tailored Just for You: Our services are like a personalized helper for your business.
Growth Made Easy: We help your business grow without any fuss

End-to-End DevOps Implementation

End-to-End DevOps Implementation

Speedy Work: We use clever ways to make your code go really fast.
Roadmap to Success: We guide you with a plan to make your projects successful.

DevOps Consulting Excellence

DevOps Consulting Excellence

Special Help: Our experts guide you from starting your project to making it run on its own.
From Ideas to Action: We help turn your cool ideas into real computer actions.

Our Special Skills

Our Special Skills

Cloud Experts: We know all about making your code work amazingly on AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Smart Coding Tricks: We're like coding superheroes, using cool tools to make your computers run perfectly.

Bring Your Dreams to Life with Us! “Let’s chat for free to talk about how we can make your ideas happen, considering the technical side and how we’ll bring them to life.”


Technology we Work with

devops technology

Cloud Migration Services


We provide complete cloud migration services, helping to optimize costs for transferred workloads. We help your internal teams through the entire migration process, taking care of tasks like designing the architecture, planning, testing, and knowledge transfer.

Key aspects of our services include:

Infrastructure Examination:

  • Analyzing current IT infrastructure to identify suitable workloads for migration.

ROI and TCO Estimation:

  • Estimating Return on Investment (ROI) for migration activities.
  • Determining Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for migrated workloads.

Migration Project Planning:

  • Developing detailed plans for the execution of cloud migration projects.

We aim to make the transition to the cloud easy and cost-effective for organizations. We aim to help organizations use resources, make informed decisions, and succeed in their migration journey.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud consulting services

In the cloud, we do various tasks such as providing advice, assisting, moving components, making improvements, managing projects, planning, and more. Our main goal is to make sure apps and Data Warehouses (DWH) work better, save money, and can grow. We plan to move things to the cloud smartly and efficiently, so things work better and cost less.

cloud consulting
AWS migration services

AWS migration services

AWS migration is like moving parts of your computer setup—databases, files, programs, and virtual desktops—to the AWS platform. Using AWS migration services helps you save money, improve service performance, and adjust your storage and computing resources.

Azure migration services

Azure migration services mean moving things like applications, data storage, and desktops to the Azure cloud. This can help cut the costs of running your IT setup, make your programs work better and be more flexible. Some companies choose a hybrid Azure migration strategy, moving certain things to Azure while keeping other elements on their systems, especially to follow specific rules or laws.

Azure migration services

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

cloud infarstructure

In the world of cloud infrastructure, Codelulu is like your helper. We design, set up, watch, support, and improve your cloud and mixed IT systems. Our special services ensure that your cloud setups operate, and can scale up as needed.

Key Inclusions in Cloud Infrastructure Services:

  • Adherence to Industry Standards

CI/CD Process Management

Streamlined Reporting Process Management

Continuous Enhancement Plans for Cloud Infrastructure

  • Efficient Delivery of IT Services

Generation of Compliance Reports based on Assessments

  • Regular Transparent Reporting

Health Check Reports ,Security Audit Reports, Incident Reports, including Root Cause Analysis Regular Service Level Reports

At Codelulu, we’re dedicated to offering complete services to manage your cloud infrastructure. We follow industry standards to make sure your IT setup works well and stays safe.


Managed infrastructure services cover ongoing monitoring, migration, support, optimization, and the evolution of outsourced IT infrastructure or its components.


Codelulu is a special partner with AWS, and we help with AWS consulting. This means we make sure you have control over your AWS setup. Our job is to help you save money, keep your AWS services and apps working well, and make changes when needed.


Codelulu is a special friend of Microsoft with nine Gold awards. We offer clear consulting services to set up, watch, keep up, and grow things on Azure. Our goal is to keep your Azure setup steady, with costs that make sense and changes happening when needed.

Managed infarstructure services